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Voting Procedures for the Maryland Primary Election on June 2, 2020

The Board of Elections for both Maryland and Montgomery County have made some decisions about the upcoming 2020 June 2 Primary Election and we want to be sure you are familiar with all of them and can distribute accurate information. 


1) All registered voters will be mailed a ballot by the Board of Elections and there is no need to request an absentee ballot. Voters will receive a Republican or Democratic ballot if they are affiliated and registered with one of those parties, or a nonpartisan ballot. Everyone will be able to vote in the Board of Education primary regardless of affiliation. 


2) Do check registration here:  where both the voter address and party affiliation may be updated.


3) Look for a ballot in the mail in May. Vote the ballot, sign the oath EXACTLY like the name on the registration, and return the voted ballot by mail.  Postage is already included on the return envelope. Make sure the ballot is postmarked by 8pm on June 2, 2020. Instructions must be followed exactly to be counted. Protect your ballot -- Do not give the ballot to anyone who offers to collect ballots.  Put it directly in the U.S. Mail or a Board of Elections drop box located outside a Voting Center.


4) Four Voting Centers will be available in Montgomery County for in-person voting from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm on Election Day, Tuesday, June 2, for voters who are unable to vote by mail.  One may vote in-person at any Voting Center. Examples of voters who may choose to vote in-person include those who:

  • Cannot independently mark a paper ballot and need to use a Ballot Marking Device, 
  • Did not receive a ballot in the mail, or 
  • Have not registered to vote by May 27 and wish to register for the first time and vote on Election Day, June 2.  


            The four in-person Voting Centers in Montgomery County open on Election Day are:  

1) Activity Center at Bohrer Park, Gaithersburg, 2) Germantown Community Recreation Center, 3) Marilyn J. Praisner Community Recreation Center, Burtonsville, and 4) Silver Spring Civic Building. There is no early in-person voting. 


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